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Travel to Spain via Premiere in Hollywood, Now Soft Opened

John Hildebrand Photography

Well, this one has been delayed for quite some time. Last we checked in with actor Vinny Laresca (Villa) he planned to take over the old Central space on Las Palmas to debut his newest concept, Premiere, a 5,000 square-foot nightclub. Actually, it's more like theatre meets nightclub because here Laresca plans to change "sets" and switch the club's theme seasonally. Premiere opens with the above pictured mid-century Spanish look conceived by Kris Keith/Spacecraft. As for the whole performance part of the club, anticipate flamenco dancers, matadors, and bull fighters strutting through the space. Check out the exposed brick, velvet curtains, and wrought-iron accents, there's even a center stage for performances.

Unlike most other nighttime spots around town where the closest thing to food is that lime wedge with your Patron shot, Premiere serves up "comfort snacks with a European twist." Think personal pizzas, panini, quesadillas and such.

So, obviously, the club never debuted in May as originally planned, but it is now soft open with an official launch this Thursday.
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