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The Edison's Andrew Meiran Snags Clifton's Cafeteria

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Andrew Meiran (The Edison) is a busy man these days. Not only is he gearing up to open a branch of The Edison in New York, but Eater just got word that Meiran has purchased Clifton's Cafeteria on 7th and Broadway, a venue that has been around since 1931. Known for preserving historic locations and retaining original artifacts and décor as he did with The Edison, word on the street is that Meiran is planing to do such with the Clifton’s space and possibly convert it into a tiki concept with two separate bars in the upper part of the building. On the subject of this takeover, Meiran says, "We are excited about the prospect of being involved in the revitalization of Broadway and the one of the nation's most historic eating establishments. We hope to continue Clifton's incredible legacy as the cultural, social and architectural landmark in Los Angeles." [EaterWire] — Yolanda Evans

Clifton's Cafeteria

648 S. Broadway, Los Angeles, CA 90014