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East and West Flavor Fusion at Fluff Ice in Monterey Park

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Sure, there are dozens of shaved ice spots, specially in SGV, heck there's even a shaved ice truck, Get Shaved, traversing the city. However, new to Monterey Park comes Fluff Ice, a new twist on the shaved ice concept. First off, it doesn't taste like the traditional Hawaiian or Taiwanese ice because the way the ice is cut renders it more similar to snow. Secondly, Fluff Ice brings together traditional Asian flavors such as boba and condensed milk with non-Asian toppings like Toblerone and Nutella for a most unique outcome. Nutella ice? Game on. Owners are currently in the process of undergoing Tenant Improvement and should open in November, despite their Facebook message which reads, "We have a definite date. Opening December 20th or sooner!" After the debut, hours of operation run Sun-Thu, 11AM-midnight, Fri and Sat, 11AM-2AM. [EaterWire]

Fluff Ice

500 N Atlantic Blvd, Monterey Park, CA