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Vodvil To Open Early 2011, Bringing 'Next-Level Karaoke'

Daily Dish provides a few updates (and an early rendering) on the Vodvil front. To recap, this is that adult entertainment space under construction at 351 Fairfax, no porn, really entertainment for adults: trivia games, charades, and karaoke. Billed as "next-level karaoke," former lawyer Josh Saltman promises to bring a karaoke bar meets supper club restaurant and lounge, designed by Ralph Gentile Architects, responsible for the likes of Red O and Ago Las Vegas. Not much as been determined on the food side, but CIA grads and Patina Group alums Cari Levin and Sharon Funt comprise the kitchen team. As it now stands, Saltman foresees an opening early next year.
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351 Fairfax Ave., Los Angeles, CA