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Introducing The Newest Kid On The Block, Curbed National

Hold your horses, breaking news, here now, Curbed National, our newest site which just went live at If you already frequent the Curbed site here in LA or in NYC, SF, or the Hamptons, you're aware of its fascination with real estate porn in all its many glories. Curbed National takes that fascination indoors—specifically, a focus on all-things design, decor, and shelter, from Malibu dream houses to Wyoming ranches to Maine cabins, and all residences in between.

Expect a jaw-dropping daily featured project, wall-to-wall coverage of celebrity real estate, and a healthy dose of the ridiculous. If HGTV, Nate Berkus, or Martha Stewart are your thing, well, you'll be in luck there too. Go give it a gander, won't you? This will be fun.

·Curbed National [Curbed National]