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Party's Over: The Flat's Blue Velvet (Finally) Closes Up Shop

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According to management at The Flat, the downtown apartment complex which housed the once chic eatery Blue Velvet, the restaurant shuttered a week ago, about a month shy of its fourth birthday. Looking back into years past, Blue Velvet's opening started off strong with Kris Morningstar (now at District) on board as inaugural chef crafting up market-driven plates which SIV appointed a strong two and a half stars. So where did it all go wrong? The beginning of the end came in Feb '08 when Morningstar departed the eatery, shortly thereafter the menu did a 180, all those carefully sourced market goodies disappeared, no more tea-infused specialty cocktails, even the wine list significantly shrank down. The space turned into a wet playground hosting events like this, so it goes, no shocker that this one bit the dust.
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Blue Vlevet

750 S Garland Ave., Los Angeles, CA, 90017