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Snag Seats to A Rick Bayless Cooking Demo and Book Signing

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Rick Bayless has received a considerable amount of heat lately on the food at Red O, a restaurant which he sign on as consulting chef. Surely nobody has yet forgotten about that recent J.Gold/Bayless Twitter showdown, though the two supposedly squashed the fire, and just this past week The Goldster filed his final ruminations. Which brings us to the modern Mexican master and his planned SoCal visit, landing him at Macy's in Pasadena next Wednesday at noon, and next Thursday, 6:30PM, at the South Coast Plaza Macy's. Bayless will demo a few of his signature dishes and then sign copies of Fiesta at Rick's. While both events are open to the public with a $5 charitable donation, only 200 seats are available and Eater is giving away 10 seat guarantees to the first 10 readers to email us here. Winners will also receive an invite to the private party hosted by Bayless on Wednesday night at Red O from 6-8PM.

Update: Eater has allocated its 10 seats, thanks for playing.