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Anisette Brasserie Shutters, Again

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The shutter news just keeps coming and coming today. On Friday Anisette PR announced that the two-year old French restaurant would shut down, with potential plans to relocate elsewhere around town. Several hours later PR confided that the restaurant's plans were up in the air as it switched over to new ownership, meanwhile LAW published a report in which chef Alain Giraud went to far as to say, "It's bullshit...We're still open, we're going to stay open." Oh really monsieur? Today he switched his tune confirming the restaurant closed today via PR, and in other news Giraud also told the LA Times that he plans to open his own boite. 'Til then, au revoir.
·Anisette Brasserie Closes; Chef Alain Giraud Plans New Project [DD]


225 Santa Monica Blvd Santa Monica, CA 90401