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Confirmed: BoHo Relocates to Hollywood and Highland

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Yesterday came word that Adolfo Suaya decided to shutter BoHo on Sunset Blvd with potential plans to move elsewhere in Hollywood. Now Spacecraft and BoHo PR both confirm this switcheroo, revealing that BoHo 2.0 will claim the previous uWink spot at the Hollywood and Highland complex, also the home of that new Cirque de Soleil show coming next spring. As expected, Kris Keith heads up this design project (geez, he has so, so, so much going on) slated to debut November 25. The new space is a massive upgrade from that original Sunset Blvd spot, including a full 7,000 square feet of drinking and ding space. Current BoHo chef Tony Trujillo will transition over to the new restaurant, meanwhile a new sous from the SLS joins the kitchen as well.
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