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Checking Up on Sushi Roku, Tropical Food Truck, MORE!

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MID-CITY So, Sushi Roku on 3rd is in demolition/rebirth mode, here's a look earlier today, stones removed, fresh paint, on the way to a new exterior. Stay tuned for the reopening in late October. [EaterWire]

MEALS ON WHEELSApparently those Kassava Trucks didn't quite make it, but "the guy who ran [them]" decided to open his own (improved?) version, welcome to the Tropical Food truck. The menu remains quite similar to Kassava with the added bonus of a) some Haitian specialties and b) the owner's mother who helps to cook the food. Midtown Lunch snags a bite, pretty solid all around. [ML]

EL SEGUNDO Grub Street spots the new brick and mortar home for El Segundo Brewing Company. Looks like they're already brewing, find some details here. [GS]

Sushi Roku 2.0

8445 W 3rd St., Los Angeles, CA