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Giada De Laurentiis at LudoBites, Bill Pullman and Robert Loggia at El Caserio, MORE!

To round out the day, just before this nice long weekend, a short dose of local star activity. You see them eating and they don't care if they see you. Want to submit an item for the StarWatch? Operators are standing by.

1) LudoBites: We saw Giada De Laurentiis at LudoBites last night. She and her friends had the reservation behind us. I hope she was as happy with the meal Ludo served her as we were!" [StarWatch Inbox]

2) El Caserio: "Bill Pullman and Robert Loggia at El Caserio in Echo Park last night. Is a sequel to Independence Day happening?" [StarWatch Inbox]

3) Guido's: At Guido's West LA last night, Benicio Del Toro came in around 9:45 very low key, trucker hat and t shirt. Was dining with a tall, beautiful blonde." [StarWatch Inbox]


11980 Santa Monica Blvd., Los Angeles, CA, 90025