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The McDonald’s of Bibimbap, Bibigo, Hits Westwood Sept 6

Back in March came word of the "McDonald’s of bibimbap" aka Bibigo making its US debut right here in LA. The eatery took over the previous Scallions space in Westwood, and management has just announced its September 6 debut. The idea behind this project is to serve healthy Korean fare, most notably bibimbap, a traditional Korean dish involving warm rice topped with veggies, chili paste, a fried egg, and sliced meat. One mixes all the components together, hence the name of the restaurant, Bibigo, "bibi" means "to mix" in Korean, which is fused with the idea of taking food to go, so "bibi" + "go." Anyway, here, customers have the option to customize their own bibimbap by choosing a type of grain (white, pearl black, sprouted brown, barley, and white ), a mix of veggies, toppings (beef, chicken, tofu) and sauces (Ssam sauce, Green Sesame, Citron Soy and sweet Gochujang aka “Kohot” a red pepper paste). Track Bibigo via the usual suspects.
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1091 Broxton Ave., Los Angeles, CA, 90024