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Za-Zen at Breadbar: Food For the Mind, Body, and Soul

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First came ramen, then came soba, now next up for Breadbar on Third's temporary engagement series comes Za-Zen, a two week kitchen takeover by LA-native chef David Schlosser who has spent the past 15 years traveling the world working under seven 3-Michelin Star chefs from NY and Paris, to Thailand and Tokyo. Eek. This series runs September 14 – September 28 to feature a taste of “Kappo” cuisine, based on a formal style of dining from Kyoto that explores the balance in traditional Japanese cuisine with seafood, vegetables, and sea plants. The goal? To "fully satiate the spiritual and mental appetites of his diners." Whatever that means. Anyway, guest can choose from two seven-course “Plant & Fungi” and “Set” prix-fixe menus ($34/$46) that include dishes like Germinated Rice with Barley, Fresh Chestnuts, Lotus Root Pickle, Clear Kelp Soup, and Black Sesame Mochi; Fall Mushrooms marinated, grilled, and smoked in Hay, with Sesame and Kinako Paste; and Autumn Knife Fish “Sanma” with Prickly Ash Pepper, Sticky Rice Vinegar, and Marinated Winter Melon. Check out the full menu here. [EaterWire]


8718 W. 3rd St., Los Angeles, CA, 90048