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Festival Highlights From Food & Wine's Taste of Beverly Hills

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After a much hyped few months, Food & Wine's first annual Taste of Beverly Hills transpired this past weekend with a star-studded kickoff par-tay Thursday evening, culminating with a not-so-casual bbq Sunday night. Some very big deal LA restaurant personalities graced the festival with their presence (and cooking) including Michael Voltaggio, Walter Manzke, Ludo Lefebvre, plus new west coast import Scott Conant (of soon-to-open Scarpetta) and Tim Love who is rumored to be working on a project in Costa Mesa. But putting aside all the food, wine, and overly inebriated guests (witnessed many of those), the talk of the festival came down to New Yorker, Justin Warner, aka J$. As the story goes, "I dropped Pape'n at the Aspen Food and Wine Classic and the big boss from BevHills was like 'whoa.' " Justin, who works as a Captain at The Modern and won an episode of Food Netowrk's 24 Hour Restaurant Battle broke it down this wekend, with "some serious oenophillic gangsta shit," er, wine-themed raps titled Big Shit Pape'n (Snoop's Drop it Like it's Hot provides the beat) and Drop the Rossi (Beck's Loser provides the beat). But, of course, for your viewing PLEASURE, the evidence above.

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