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Inside Sweet Lady Jane 2.0, All The Delicious Details

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Jane Lockhart opened Sweet Lady Jane on Melrose twenty two years ago and after zillions of requests from fans around the city, she has finally outgrown her small West Hollywood cake boutique and is ready to branch out. While Angelenos (and out of city residents) travel from near and far to score bites of her red velvet cake and triple berry cake, she is about to make these indulgences more accessible to west side residents via her under construction cafe and bakery slated to debut late October on Montana in Santa Monica.

It's hard to tell from the above gutted space, but SLJ 2.0 is just slightly larger than the original location, however the difference here is that the kitchen will be greatly reduced in size, resulting in a retail area/cafe about double the size from Melrose. Aside from the red velvet and triple berry cakes, SLJ is also known for intricate custom cakes, and the shop's cake decorator will dominate the area directly to the left of the door in front of a large window so pedestrians can check out the designer at work.

Straight ahead of the front entrance will exist two bakery cases followed by a point of sales counter to the right, then a bakery bar clad with bar stools and all, behind which will be positioned all walks of baked goods, cookies, brownies, cupcakes, plus an assortment of freshly baked bread. So, definitely a full service bakery.

Five interior cafe tables line the opposing wall, plus an additional five for al fresco Montana Ave people watching/snacking. In addition to the requisite sweet stuff, SLJ will serve French press coffee, tea, and did you know the bakery also serves lunch? Yup, they do, even at the Melrose location, a few sandwiches, salads, and soup options and an expanded menu potentially on the way for this new location.

Another fun addition for the new bakery includes a vast assortment of house-baked breads. Right now SLJ offers a few artisan bread selections but the new shop will greatly expand on bread offerings.

On the design side, Preen (Hatfield's, Akasha) has taken command of the space to craft a vibe both in sync with the Santa Monica community while staying true to the SLJ brand. So, imagine an updated version of the original with a large brown antique door, etched floors, and that yellow, white and gray color scheme. Pending permit approval and such, SLJ 2.0 should be open in time for Thanksgiving.
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Sweet Lady Jane

1631 Montana Ave., Santa Monica, CA