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Bob Lynn's Inspiration Behind The Misfit's Menu

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Mmmmk. So, yesterday Eater noticed some additional signage in the Anisette space that was recently snapped up by LGO Hospitality. Two posters now hang in the doors, one poster advertising The Misfit Restaurant, the other displaying imagery for The Luggage Room Pizzeria. Eater emailed LGO PR to inquire whether both restaurants would manifest themselves in the space, but no, just The Misfit here. Meanwhile, LGO founder and chef Bob Lynn has been developing The Misfit menu, click here to check out his muse by artist Marla Rutherford. ·Anisette in Santa Monica to Reopen as The Misfit [~ELA~]

The Misfit Restaurant + Bar

225 Santa Monica Boulevard, Santa Monica, CA 90401 310 656 9800 Visit Website