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Two Stars for Eveleigh; Obligatory Kettle Corn at A-Frame

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1) West Hollywood: This week Sher is more enthralled by the architecture and wine at Eveleigh than the food. Although she appreciates the wide range of selections, from meat, to pasta, to a vegetarian dish consisting of “velvety hunks of dark orange butternut squash anointed with puddles of blue cheese and a scattering of pine nuts,” she still describes some of the items on the menu as “not exciting.” She claims that Australian chef, Jordan Toft, “is not taking chances” especially when it comes to his special: Mary’s Chicken, which is prepared traditionally with herbs under the skin. She further illustrates the menu as “?comfort food for the 21st century in Los Angeles. It's the kind of food anybody would enjoy?” and “a lot of people like to go back to the same restaurant and have the same dishes over and over. Those sorts of eaters are going to be happy campers at Eveleigh..” SIV finishes her visit handing out two full stars. [LAT]

Elizabeth Daniels 11/10

2) Culver City: The Goldster treks out to Roy Choi’s A-Frame. Goldy forewarns that dining at A-Frame aka a “modern day picnic” will involve finger food such as the “?kettle corn that is all but a mandatory appetizer here, a snack that seems to appear on two out of three of the long communal picnic're going to have to deal with this kettle corn with your fingers, bits of seaweed clinging to your sleeve, the taste of young Asian America caught under your fingernails like thick, sweet ointment.” And the finger food continues. “You lick dried-shrimp salt off your fingers after you work through a pound of peel-and-eat shrimp; wrap lemongrass-scented crab cakes in Korean gaenip leaves; pick up tempura-fried broccoli rabe and sliced pumpkin with your fingers and dunk them into a tart citrus-soy dip." [LAW]

The Elsewhere: The Find hits Asal Bakery & Kabob, Midtown Lunch picks Louks, The Minty tries Feng Mao, Kung Food Panda dines at Fraiche, and Sinosoul slurps ramen at Ton Chan Ramen.


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8752 West Sunset Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA