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Infusion Lounge Coming to Universal CityWalk, Awards Season Eats, More!

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UNIVERSAL CITY Just what Universal CityWalk needs, another CLUB. San Francisco's Infusion Lounge takes over Rhumba Room, the 9,000 square foot venue will offer two levels, two bars, two dance floors. [DD]

AROUND TOWN Awards season eats, they're all about extremes: very high calorie vs. very low calorie. Here's what some chefs are whipping up in the coming month. [BizBash]

OC Not only is LAX undergoing a food revolution, but John Wayne Airport, too, has signed on for a restaurant revamp. Renderings plus new additions. [OCR]

CULVER CITY Thierry Perez's (Fraiche) recently opened L'Epicerie Market has teamed up with local coffee roaster City Bean to introduce a shmancy coffee-brewing technique. Per the press release, "The new system features City Bean coffee that is extracted and brewed to order through their recently developed machine called the 'Tim Mod,' short for Timolino Modified. This new machine, which is exclusive to L'Epicerie, brews a personalized cup of coffee, through its steep-and-release system. Part French Press, part Pour-Over, the Tim Mod brewing system is the next step in gourmet coffee." [EaterWire]

L'Epicerie Market

9900 Culver Blvd., Culver City, CA, 90232