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Pimai's Website Offers Bizarro Threat, What Does it Mean?

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Very, very odd. From the inbox: "We discovered something very weird while trying to order Thai food from our local spot Pimai on Franklin near the Scientology Celebrity Centre. We googled Pimai the phone number, but the Google search brought up the website with a blurb saying 'Pimai: It's Poop.' Upon further inspection it looks as though their website has been hacked and now displays a threat." In any event, the restaurant's Yelp page offers an announcement updated six days ago saying, "This is our new website PIMAITHAI.COM. Do not go to http://pimairestaurant..., our old website to avoid scam. The restaurant menu will be on soon." Restaurant employees claim to be unaware of this website snafu. [EaterWire]


5833 Franklin Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90028