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Papa Cristo's Finally Plans to Modify Its Ancient Digs

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It sure is time for some spring cleaning, you know, just 63 years after opening. Who has lasted in LA for six decades? Papa Cristo's, one of the city's most frequented Greek restaurant/markets, a deceivingly large, unadorned facility on W. Pico and Normandie. Not surprisingly, over the many many years, the restaurant has accumulated its fair share of nicks and bruises, which is why the Chrys family plans a minor facelift. Over the next few months, the Chrys' plan to remodel the restaurant's facade and update the dining room. However, they want to keep the tradition and feel of the eatery, so don't expect anything too drastic, just a little nip and tuck. Then, there's the massive kitchen next door which, right now, is just used as a prep space. Though nothing is set in stone, the Chrys' are playing around with the idea of extending the dining room beyond the wall that separates the two spaces to turn that area into a bakery and/or pizza cafe with a separate open kitchen. [EaterWire]

Papa Cristo's

2771 West Pico Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA, 90006