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Killing Two Birds with One Stone: Alcohol-Flavored Cupcakes Make The Perfect V-Day Cocktail and Dessert

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Valentine's Day is just around the corner (eek!), thus our in boxes have been flooded with all sorts of shmancy dinner offers, chocolate-themed somethings, and now this: "Dessert maker debuts alcohol flavored cupcakes (National Delivery Now Available)...Signature Sweet Cupcakes for your Valentine?. In Festive Flavors." Oh lordy, just want everybody wants for V-Day boozy cupcakes. It's the gift that gives back, right? The girl get the cupcake, the guy gets the girl drunk...and....or not. BTW- is it just us or do those not even look like cupcakes? Or, for that matter, anything anyone would want to ingest?

January, 2011 (Los Angeles, California) – Swizzle Cakes, the newest cupcake taking dessert lovers by storm, has unveiled a breakthrough dessert that is quickly becoming Los Angeles’ favorite sweet treat. Swizzle Cakes has created an alcohol infused cupcake that tastes and consists of actual alcohol. Unlike other desserts where the alcohol bakes out, Swizzle Cakes uses a “secret” process that enables the moist and fluffy cake to retain all of the alcohol ingredient.

If you can drink it, we can make it,” says Swizzle Cakes Executive Chef and Founder Judi Leib. The Swizzle Cakes brand believes in imagination, originality, and creativity, so it should come as no surprise that when it comes to flavoring, Swizzle Cakes wants consumers to take part in the fun. They offer custom flavors upon request.

Swizzle Cakes stands out above the rest in the dessert space. These perfectly baked cupcakes are square shaped, and wrapped in sugar, as opposed to a typical paper liner. They are liquor inspired and certainly not your average cupcake! Indulge your taste buds with flavors like Strawberry Margarita, White Russian, Lemon Drop, or Melissa’s Mimosa, to name a few.

Finally, a dessert exists that satisfies your craving for a sweet treat and your favorite drink. Not to leave out the non-alcoholic drinkers, there is also a selection of virgin flavors, including Lemonade, Shirley Temple, Root Beer Float, Vanilla Latte and many more! For more information on this chic, up-and-coming cupcake company, please visit Currently sold in Southern California; nationwide delivery now available just in time for the Holidays.