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Top Chef Sexytime

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2011_1_bussels.pngOver on The Frisky, Rachel Kramer Bussel — an author and editor who specializes in erotica (incidentally also a cupcake blogger) — detailed her sexcapade with a Top Chef contestant in Los Angeles. She wrote: "He came with a pedigree, and to me that pedigree said that he wasn’t the type just looking for a quick roll in the hay. It wasn't like he was on 'Jersey Shore' or 'The Real World' or something. He was a professional." Anyway, she ends up eating dinner with him (his "assistant" comes along for the ride...just like on that episode of Millionaire Matchmaker...) and eventually the tripod goes back to Bussel's hotel room... While she doesn't name any names, there are a slew of Top Chef alums residing in LA, who could this be? [-E-]