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sugarFISH Brings Quality Fish to SM

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Phone: 310-393-3338
Status: Opened yesterday
Over the weekend Kazunori Nozawa of the famed Sushi Nozawa on Ventura welcomed in guests for an initial soft roll of his "Trust Me" omakase and a la carte fish offerings at space four of his less expensive, casual sushi spinoff, sugarFISH. Claiming the former Taka Sushi outlet on 2nd just next door to Equinox, sugarFISH SM offers guests an small inside/outside garden lounge plus 45 seat restaurant designed by Glen Bell of DEX Studio (also designed downtown). Not surprisingly, the space feels most reminiscent of the newly opened Downtown location, same hanging orb light fixtures, same wooden paneling, same casual chic vibe. Along the right wall sits a long leather banquette, to the left a set of booths, straight back is the bar, but not sushi bar, bar bar. Interestingly enough, sushi comes out of the kitchen, check out that long rectangular window straight back. With The Hump shuttered and many of the (closest) better sushi eateries sequestered to West LA, finally Santa Monica has its own top non-tourist trap.
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1345 2nd Street, Santa Monica, CA, 90401