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Ron Jeremy Thanks Flying Pig Truck for Suing, Freebirds Preps For Location Two, Nona Sivley Joins LA Market

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MEALS ON WHEELS And you thought you'd never see this mug on Eater. Good ol' Ron Jeremy chimes in on the whole porn flick Flying Pig Truck fiasco: "We want to thank [Joe Kim] very much for suing. We appreciate it. It's like when the "Debbie Does Dallas" came out and the Dallas Cheerleaders sued. They made it the most popular movie in America. I personally want to thank him for suing Erica." [LAW]

MDR That Chipotle-esque Mexican chain Freebirds wrapped its first LA burrito just two weeks ago by USC and already is planning to pop out a second. Location two lands within The Shoppes at Del Rey on Lincoln Blvd. [Grub Street]

DOWNTOWN As of today, Hell's Kitchen winner Nona Sivley claims her role as chef de cuisine at Kerry Simon's LA Market. [EaterWire]