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Bouchon Bakery Beverly Hills, It's (Finally) A Go!

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After providing Los Angeles residents with one more refined French option via Bouchon in November 2009, naturally guests wondered, what about Bouchon Bakery? Yountville houses the flagship Bouchon and Bouchon Bakery, The Venetian in Vegas has a Bouchon and a Bouchon Bakery (NYC's Time Warner Center boasts a Bouchon Bakery), meanwhile Beverly Hills claims...just Bouchon. Where is Bouchon's missing piece, the bakery? When prompted on this very question, Sir Keller stated that he was searching for a space and that "it will happen." But then, a few weeks later, he changed his tune with a "It’s something we really want to do!" What a non-answer. Three months later Keller divulged that he was considering a bakery space next to Bouchon "in the front door," fast forward to this past December where Bouchon Bakery posed a pop-up confectionary on the ground floor entrance of Bouchon.

So, this whole Bouchon Bakery thing has caused a wave of emotions, it's happening, it's not happening, it's happening. But, here now, the official news, Bouchon Bakery IS coming to Beverly Hills! Just like that holiday pop-up, the bakery will manifest itself on the ground floor of Bouchon, employees actually had a meeting about the bakery yesterday and were told that construction should begin in March but could be pushed back a bit. Management speculates a spring debut.
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Bouchon Bakery

235 N. Canon Drive, Beverly Hills, CA