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Organic Ramen on Wheels Thanks to the Rokyo Truck

It's been how long since we wrote about a food truck? Oh wait, thanks to Ron Jeremy, just two days, nevermind. Here we have Rokyo a "gourmet ramen" vehicle that doesn't quite resemble all the other kids cruising the block. Kinda looks like a pimped out U-Haul. So, this Asian comfort food slinger serves up customizable ramen, first select a broth (pork or mushroom), then add on a main topping like Niman Ranch beef or pork, and finally slop in a secondary round of mostly organic herbs and veggies from bean sprouts to bamboo to cilantro. Ramen noodles are organic, too. Depending on how you roll the dice, soups start out between $5.50-$7, here's the full menu. Rokyo soft rolls next week, Twitter the truck for specifics. [EaterWire]