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The Writers Room Brings a Blast From the Past to Hwood

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So it IS actually called The Writers Room, that new bar helmed by mixologist Daniel Nelson (Doheny). Oh, and file this one under discrete back entrances. The venue slated to become The Writers Room used to be known as the 'back room' of Musso & Frank until the 1950s when it became part of the Vogue Theater (the two venues are separated by Kubar). Now that the theatre has been transformed into the supperclub, this space comes in tow. So, that means that The Writers Room is actually attached to the back of supperclub but will not be cross accessible. Meaning, patrons can not hop from supperclub to The Writers Room and vice versa. As for design, the bar will be modeled after its historical past so expect an antiquated mid-century aesthetic. Right now management plans to debut the space during Oscar week followed by a public debut several months later.
·Daniel Nelson To Open Writer's Room in Hollywood [~ELA~]