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NYC's Papaya King Plus Additional Lounge Hit Hollywood

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During the summer of 2009 former partners Brent Bolthouse of Bolthouse Productions and sbe's Sam Nazarian parterd ways, and when PR officially confirmed the separation, sbe's press release mentioned the acquisition of Halo and Nacional with vague reference to re-conceptualizations fated for both venues. Up above, the former Nacional space on Wilcox currently in hardcore plywood mode. Taking over this space comes a lounge/bar supposedly "unlike any other sbe nightlife venue built yet," in addition to the first west coast outpost of NYC's legendary Papaya King hot dog space. So, the former Nacional will be divided into these two separate venues. It's like Crif Dogs and PDT, but not really. [EaterWire]

Papaya King

1645 Wilcox Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90028 323 871 8799