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Xandros Abruptly Closes Shop, Ownership Crisis, Cops Show

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What a ruckus! Major drama going down at three month old Greek restaurant Xandros. Last we checked, the La Cienega import was in shambles over massive debt, staff was quitting left and right, and word on the street was that the venue had been listed for sale. Here now, just over a month later, The Shutter. January 1 marked Xandros' last night of dinner service, by January 2 owner Adam Kariotoglou was spotted emptying the restaurant of all the contents: liquor, wine, small wares, tables, and chairs. A former employee brings word that the property's landlord has posted a notice to evict (almost $500,000 is owed in back rent), with a court date set for January 6 in Santa Monica. But wait, it gets even more bizarre. Former sous chef Christina Posesano received a text message from her sister who works in the office of Xandros' landlord, saying: "Ur boy Adam vandalized Xandros over da weekend. Brought in some Messican to jack & mess up da place. Classic." Um? Anyway, cops swarmed the property just over an hour ago, photos up above. Oh lordy. ·What's The Deal Over At Newbie Xandros? [~ELA~]
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