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Grom Soft Scoops Italian Artisan Gelato in Malibu

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Don't mind the front facade which is still in shambles, as of December 31, Grom, the shmancy (and pricey) Italian gelateria which imports its ingredients straight from Italy, has soft opened in that large shopping complex across the street from the Malibu Lumber Yard.

Grom hit the states back in 2007 with its first US outpost in NYC's Upper West Side. That summer discerning Manhattanites waiting in lines, 30 minutes, an hour, for scoops of the prized gelato and sorbet. Now, NYC has three locations of its very own. Meanwhile, Grom has skipped coasts bringing Angelenos a taste of Italy.

Grom serves an assortment of gelato and sorbet, all of the fruit for its seasonal sorbets is grown organically on its farm in Italy. In the winter patrons can expect apple (mela) and pear (pera) sorbet, with strawberry and raspberry hitting in the summer. Every month Grom adds a "flavor of the month," on offer for January is Torta Caprese, made with Venezuelan "Oscumare" chocolate, Sicillian almond chips, and biscuits. Along with its seasonal sorbets, Grom switches out about two to three gelato flavors each month. Right now here's what scooping:

Cioccolato Extranoir
made with Columbian "Teyuna" chocolate

Venezuelan chocolate and Tonda Gentile Hazelnut chips (similar in taste to Nutella)

Caffee Espresso
Creman come una volta
Crema di Grom: This is their most popular seller in Italy. It has chunks of Battifollo bisquits that are made especially for Grom, and they sell the cookies (biscuits) there as well.
Marrons Glaces

Gluten-free options available, too.

Anyway, in addition to the cold stuff, Grom serves four types of hot chocolate, some with hazelnut, some with dark chocolate, and also "Frappes," a milk shake made with your choice of gelato.

Another option, take Grom "To Go." Come in and pick up a pint, down the line delivery will be available as well.

While the front is under total construction at the moment, a small garden is in the works with outdoor seating for warm Malibu summers. Grom soft opened on December 31 with its official launch set for January 9. Come by (Jan 9) for free ice cream all day from 11AM-8PM!

Small (Cup or cone): $5.25
Medium: $6.25
Large: $7.25

Xtra Large (Cup only): $8.25

Hot Choc + Frapps:
Medium: $5.50
Large: $6.50

·Italian Artisan Gelato Coming to Malibu Via Grom! [~ELA~]