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Additional Spacecraft Updates, Beer Bar Opens, MORE!

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MID-CITY/SILVER LAKE Up above, the first set of artist-designed Spacecraft boards outside the upcoming Greenspan's Grilled Cheese on Melrose. High five to Gypsy Rose for these. And, in one last dose of Spacecraft news, the design firm has signed on to redesign Tantra in Silver Lake. [EaterWire]

SILVER LAKE Eating LA reports that yesterday Rambutan Thai partner Billy Heinzman opened a new beer-centric watering hole just next door called, simply, Beer Bar. Matthew Kaner of Bar Covell consulted on the brews (over 50 bottles), small plates eventually on offer too. [Eating LA]

VEGAS, BABY Not only did we attend the opening weekend extravaganza for The Cosmopolitan hotel (including a 1,500 invite-only concert featuring Jayz/Coldplay plus Kanye, John Mayer, Memphis Bleek, and Beyonce on NYE), so did Eater National. Click over for the full restaurant rundown, food personalities and celebs galore. [-E-]