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Umami Burger Going Fast Casual and Nationwide

Wow, perhaps that prediction about Umami Burger taking over the country was more accurate than expected. NRN catches up with Umami creator Adam Fleischman to shoot the breeze about the Red Medicine scandal and discuss upcoming projects. Firstly, Fleischman says he is tired of discussing the situation, which he believes was misconstrued as a fear or criticism: "It wasn’t a slight against critics in general. We do want critics in the restaurant, just not this one in particular...I just don’t feel she really understands anything other than French or Italian [cuisine].”

In other news, Fleischman plans to re-conceptualize the Umami model into a Chipotle-style fast-casual version slated to roll out nationwide. Guests will order via tabletop self-ordering technology, with burgers costing about $7 or $8. Also, anyone who has ever eaten at any of the Umami's around LA will have probably noticed the dramatically different decor at each location, though the fast casual units will be conceived with "a more standardized décor package and emphasis on environmentally friendly materials." And as far as expansion plans, "As many as 10 Umami Burgers are expected to open each year over the next three years."

Fleischman's Neapolitan pizza concept, 800°, should debut this spring offering a completely new way to deliver pizzas priced at about $10. Curious.
·Red Medicine Partner Ready to Move Past Critic Controversy [NRN]

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