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Bob Lynn of LGO Hospitality Takes Over Anisette in SM

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It was only a matter of time before a new tenant moved in to the now shuttered Anisette on Santa Monica Blvd. Despite this heavily foot-trafficked stretch, two years was all the French bistro could muster, and with outstanding debts, bid adieu in October. Twice.

Earlier this week the restaurant was flooded with action, people walking in and out, deliveries being made, looked like prospective employees were, too, coming in for interviews. Which brings us to the venue's new commander, Bob Lynn, executive chef and owner of LGO Hospitality, the Arizona-based restaurant group which first opened La Grande Orange in Pasadena, then more recently hit the westside with La Grande Orange in Santa Monica, the forthcoming pizza place next door (plus the one in Pas), and now this.

While PR from LGO has remained mum, we do know that a new concept is in the works, and judging from the astronomically high rend in this area (something like $30,000 per month), one could assume that a more high end restaurant will blossom here. Eater hears that the re-conceptualization is happening at a rapid pace, so anticipate a reopening in the very near future.
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225 Santa Monica Boulevard, Santa Monica, CA