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Tracking The Misfit, Tender Greens WeHo Temporarily Shutters, Vista Café Doneski

SANTA MONICAChanges underway at the former Anisette, soon to become The Misfit. Check out the newly papered over windows. [EaterWire]

WEHO For those who have passed by Tender Greens in West Hollywood and noticed that "closed until January 10" sign, fear not this was only a temporary shutter due to a floor repair. The restaurant will, in fact, reopen on January 10. [EaterWire]

CENTURY CITY From the tip line: "Not that this is earth shattering news, but the Vista Café on the ground level of the MGM Tower in Century City (10250 Constellation Ave.) shuttered quite suddenly on Tuesday. Unconfirmed word has it that they were unable to pay their rent (in this notoriously over-priced building) the last three months. It was never great food, but consistently OK enough – and convenient for tenants here (especially in the rain). Their other Century City location (1925 Century Park East) remains open." [Eater Inbox]

The Misfit Restaurant + Bar

225 Santa Monica Boulevard, Santa Monica, CA 90401 310 656 9800 Visit Website

The Misfit

225 Santa Monica Boulevard, Santa Monica, CA