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Cheap Sushi

6237721461_9bc60c7050.jpgMidtown Lunch is fearfully ecstatic to have discovered a $6 lunch of hwe dup bap or a type of sashimi salad PLUS banchan at Hwal Uh Kwang Jang in K-Town. Yes, all this for $6: "I pride on myself on being willing to eat absolutely anything, but even I’ll admit I was a bit terrified to eat at Hwal Uh Kwang Jang...Before my lunch was served, they came out with a tray of banchan that made me both excited and even more scared. A whole fried fish!? Are you joking? They know I’m only paying $6 for this lunch, right...But I was really starting to wonder, how small was this hwe dup bap going to be!? Answer? Kind of gigantic...And you know what, it was actually decent- dare I say, good...I don’t know if it was my low expectations, or how baffled I was by how sushi that tasted so not-gross could only cost $6." [ML]