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Suzanne Goin Opens Larder at Maple Drive on Oct 19

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Big news for employees at 345 N. Maple Drive: Suzanne Goin (AOC, Lucques, Tavern) is moving in! As it now stands (and this date could very well get pushed back) Goin and parter Caroline Styne plan to debut Larder at Maple Drive on October 19, basically a spinoff from the Larder at Tavern in Brentwood. The tiny cafe is located in the courtyard of 345 N. Maple Drive (also the building in which Mani's crumbled), and will serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner to-go. There are a few cafe tables, but because the space is so small the emphasis here is on take-out. Breads and pastries are all baked on site (they actually have a big kitchen here), check out this menu for an idea of what will be served. Quality farm-to-table sandwiches, salads, etc, but with the deft Goin touch. [~ELA~]

The Larder at Maple Drive

349 N Maple Drive #100, Beverly Hills, California 90210 310 248 3779

Larder at Maple Drive

345 N. Maple Drive, Beverly Hills, CA