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What is Fraiche Doing Serving Riva's Pizzas?

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Riva is the coastal Italian restaurant born from the collaboration between chef Jason Travi and partner Thierry Perez, launched after their first success, Fraiche, in Culver City. Unfortunately the partnership didn't last, Perez split, then Travi helped morph Riva into a second branch of Fraiche, however shortly thereafter he too departed.

There have been many changes since new management took over. Firstly, the restaurant was/is up for sale. Secondly, a skilled new chef named Mazen Mustafa (he worked under Paul Liebrandt at Corton in NYC) took over the kitchen. And now, per the Fraiche Letters newsletter, the restaurant is A) serving lunch Monday through Friday, B) has an extended happy hour, but most notably C) is bringing back Travi's pizzas inclusive of the stellar potato pie. Interesting. Six of Travi's creations have been brought back from the dead, but will they taste as good?
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312 Wilshire Boulevard Santa Monica, CA 90401