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Naya Opens Monday, Joe Pesci Plus Pizza, MORE!

SILVER LAKE— Spacecraft shares a few more details on Naya, the next Indian concept taking over Tantra. New owners overhauled the W. Sunset Blvd space to create more of a bar/lounge feel and out back there's a patio. The California-Indian fusion menu includes offspring like seared tuna with roasted cumin-coriander and an avocado raita, and a fried-curried goat cheese salad with "minty-orange jus" and papadums. Naya opens to the public on Monday. [EaterWire]

WEST LA—In a curious turn of events, actor Joe Pesci has decided to host a pizza festival on November 12 from 1-5PM at Olympic Collection banquet hall (11301 Olympic Blvd). Only three general admission tickets remain for $26.49, otherwise there are 38 VIP (which includes a non-descript meet-and-greet with "celebs") tickets available for $65. Not a whole lot of information exists on the "festival" website other than "the best chefs and pizzerias in Los Angeles" will participate and guests can expect "live demonstrations from celebrity chefs along with the US Pizza team performing some amazing ticks with pizza dough." Hot. Proceeds benefit St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. [EaterWire]

'BUCKSWIREHere comes Starbucks Blonde Roast, for the 42% of Americans who enjoy coffee that doesn't really taste like coffee (aka "a lighter roast"). The new brew debuts in January; head over to Eater National for details. [-EN-]