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Coffee Bar Wants to Serve Brews and Booze

CoffeeBar is the nearly eight month old cafe located on Spring and 6th originally launched by William Shamlian and Michael Leko, owners of Library Bar, newbie Urbano, and Spring Street Bar, all downtown. About a month ago came word that the two were on rocky ground and that they, in fact, had parted ways (although this is unconfirmed). Apparently, CoffeeBar was up for grabs on the DL and real estate agents were peddling the establishment around town to see if other coffee bars were interested in taking over the space.

Blogdowntown relays the fairly unsurprising news that changes are underway at CoffeeBar. For the time being, management is looking to turn CoffeeBar into more of a bar bar, and has applied for a license to serve beer and wine. A hearing is set for December 14.
·CoffeeBar Looking to Become Real Bar, Add Beer and Wine [blogdowntown]

[Photo: R. E. ~/ Flickr]


600 S. Spring St., Los Angeles, CA