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Will Local 1205 FINALLY Open on November 8?

Construction over at Local 1205 is like the Energizer Bunny: It keeps going and going and going. Since June the pieces have seemed to mostly be in place, and originally we heard that owner Craig Weiss (The Otheroom) planed to open this deli/market/cafe on July 4. Over the past few months not a whole lot has changed. Exterior signage was posted, but inside those shelves that looked ready to stock remained empty. A reader writes in to say the following: "I live nearby, just saw the owner Craig inside the space, who said that they are hiring staff this week and plan to open Nov 8th -- don't think this has been published elsewhere -- big news for us 'locals' given the three year delay and recent closure of the only market on AK! They can't open soon enough because sometimes you need organic pasture fed milk on a Thursday, and the Friday Venice farmers market doesn't have a milk vendor -- and Whole Foods is just a bit much to deal with just for a carton of milk..." Fingers and toes crossed, more to come.
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Local 1205

1205 Abbot Kinney, Venice, CA 90291 (310) 525-6928

Local 1205

1205 Abbot Kinney Blvd., Venice, CA