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Serafina Restaurant Group Wants to Open in LA, Too

Serafina Restaurant Group operates nine Northern Italian Serafina restaurants, in addition to a Japanese, a French, and a Mexican concept named Geisha, Brasserie Cognac, and Mañana, respectively. The most popular of the aforementioned is certainly the Serafina brand of eateries which mostly exist throughout New York City. The restaurants are known for pricey extra thin crust pizzas and house-made pastas, popular with the celeb and socialitey gangs of New York.

And guess what? Serafina wants to open in LA. Last August Serafina co-owner Fabio Granato almost snapped up a space on La Cienega just south of Santa Monica, however that deal fell though so he's likely still looking. On Facebook, in response to a diner commenting that Serafina should open to LA, management says, "We hope to bring Serafina to Los Angeles very soon!" [EaterWire]