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Stumptown Considers Expansion to LA

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It looks as though Portland, Oregon-based hipster specialty coffee roaster Stumptown might open a coffee shop at the Yahoo! Center in Santa Monica. This Craigslist ad titled "EXPERIENCED BARISTA AND CASHIER WANTED SPECIALTY COFFEE SHOP STUMPTOWN," posted this morning, suggests so much. Management is looking for a barista and cashier with "experience in upscale, high volume coffee shops, steady work history and... impeccable grooming. You will have the opportunity to work with Stumptown Coffee! This position allows you to work side-by-side with the owners, and you will have a chance to grow with this energetic, young company." According to an Oregon employee, Stumptown has been considering expansion to Los Angeles for a while. [EaterWire]


Update: Drat. The above listed newish coffee shop, Brew Coffee Bar, is in fact, not Stumptown-owned, though it does brew Stumptown beans. The silver lining here is that Stumptown IS considering expansion to Los Angeles.


2400 Broadway, Santa Monica, CA