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Better Booze is Now Served at The Writers Room

Elizabeth Daniels 10/11

If you're looking for The Writers Room, just find the taco window in Las Palmas (the club) and walk down the adjacent alleyway which sits north of Hollywood Blvd between Cherokee and Las Palmas. As of last night, after many months of private events, The Writers Room has finally debuted to the public.

Back in the 30s and 40s, this 1,000 square foot space served as the "back room" of Musso & Frank (although now the lounge has no connection to the restaurant). In an effort to bring back a taste of Old Hollywood glamour, principals Nur Khan (Rose Bar in NYC's Gramercy Park Hotel), Holly Wiersma (film producer) and Abdi Manavi (supperclub) joined together with actors Jack Huston and Jason Segel, magazine editor Krista Smith and screenwriter William Monahan to revive the forgotten venue.

As for the aesthetic, the sexy space is a collaborative vision between Manavi and interior designer Gulla Jonsdottir of G+ Design (Red O). The idea was to respect history through design and recreate the look and feel of the original back room with a modern touch. Ceilings are 25-feet tall, wooden floors are covered with an expansive decorative rug, and walls are decorated with mirrors set in original window frames from NYC's Flatiron Building. If you scroll through the photos above, check out that one VIP daybed which sits in a 1928 Parisian-style elevator cage pulled from a pre-war era building also in NYC. For extra privacy close the heavy curtains and nobody will bother you until you signal a server via a service light at the top of the cage.

As previously mentioned, mixologist Daniel Nelson (The Doheny) created the cocktail list here, and surprisinsgly the offerings doesn't seem rooted in the classics. Instead, Nelson draws inspirations from different ethnic neighborhoods in LA to create drinks like the Kaffir Rickey (Vodka/Gin, Kaffir Lime Juice, Lemongrass Syrup, Carbonated Coconut Water), and Cho Sun One (Corn Whiskey, Korean Pear, Perilla Leaf, Lemon, Date, Sesame). So, you were looking for somewhere new to imbibe in Hollywood? Here it is.
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