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Greystone Manor Supperclub Replaces Industry Nov 5

Just a few minutes ago sbe sent out an email highlighting Halloween goings on at their various evening haunts. Toward the bottom of the email we noticed the above pictured "Coming Soon: Greystone Manor" announcement and immediately thought that this must be the next concept headed to the former Industry/Area space on La Cienega. Indeedy, it is. Greystone Manor Supperclub right now has a Facebook page and a Twitter handle, and per its website the venue opens on November 5. There's not much additional info out just yet but according to sbe's tumblr, Greystone Manor is "Where your fantasy becomes reality!"
·643 N. La Cienega To Shutter For Another Massive Overhaul [~ELA~]

Update: Per sbe, Greystone Manor will now open November 10.

Greystone Manor

643 N La Cienega Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90069