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Atwater Village Farm Hopes To Open November 15

After over a year and a half of planning, and with help from online fundraiser Kickstarter, local Atwater Village resident and chef Piper Goldstein is just moments away from achieving her dream: to open a reasonably priced community-based food market. Located on Glendale Boulevard in Atwater Village, Atwater Village Farm will sell local produce, artisan foods, and serve as a center focused on healthy living.

Although Goldstein had originally hoped to open over the summer, then in early October, the new launch date has been set for November 15. The health department still needs to come by for a final inspection before product can hit shelves.

With Halloween right around the corner, tonight Atwater Village Farm welcomes in the community for trick or treating and more. Starting 8PM there will be wine, sweet/savory treats, and scary movies projected in the back. [EaterWire]