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Fukuburger Breathes Life into Hollywood, Opening Soon

Elizabeth Daniels 10/11

Wowee. There's a whole lot of snap, crackle, and pop running through Harry Morton's Fukuburger, the actualized restaurant born from the popular Vegas-based Japanese-American burger-slinging truck, Fukuburger.

It's hard to tell that this space on Caheunga once housed the ill-fated and short lived Vinolio, however given the location and new concept, this next round seems like a sure win. Late night burgers (with the added bonus of miso-glazed bacon or a fried egg) post club served until 4AM? Seems to work very very well for Stout not too far away.
Let's talk design. Up front are a slew of cherry red picnic tables for communal dining or bigger groups, toward the back sits a 9-seater bar, and behind that are a handful of twotops against a black banquette. The busy space is filled with Japanese imagery from caricature face wallpaper to a long colorful mural behind the left banquette to bubble writing overhead. The restaurant is illuminated by dangling modern orb lighting fixtures and a glowing green slots sign, probably an ode to Las Vegas where the truck originated.

As for that opening, the original plan was to launch this week. The debut has since been pushed back, stay tuned for the final date and menu.
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