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Blue Collar Grill Now Serving Dtown

Phone: 213-622-7827
Status: Opened Monday
Blue Collar Grill, a San Fernando Valley favorite for several years, has moved shop out of Canoga Park. Their new home is inside of the International Food Court on Los Angeles Street, downtown. Sharing food court space with spots like Downtown Kabab, Flyin' Stick and Pho La Downtown, Blue Collar is still serving the same popular menu of Philly Cheesesteaks, Italian Beef and burgers and fries. Owners Steve and Craig are still slinging deep fried chips behind the counter too. Serving now, Blue Collar Grill downtown is open Monday through Saturday from 10AM to 4:30PM. [EaterWire]

Blue Collar Grill

934 S Los Angeles Street, Los Angeles, Ca 90015