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Tinga's JuanTon Deep-Fried Burrito

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Elizabeth Daniels 11/11

As part of Chinese Food Week, Eater asked a mixed batch of non-Chinese restaurants to come up with a special Chinese dish as a tribute to the week. Every day this week, we'll be highlighting a different Chinese Food Week special, and today we bring you Tinga chef and owner Jerry Baker's JuanTon. It's basically a massive deep fried burrito filled with short rib, five spice, Chinese mustard, rice, shiitake mushrooms, enoki mushrooms, pickled red cabbage, fresh green cabbage, cilantro, bean sprouts, and Thai chilies. Jerry also created a dressing of hoisin, black beans, ginger, sambal, sriracha and oyster sauce which is smeared inside. Alongside the burrito he serves an extra "salsa."

Jerry says that he loves Chinese flavors but has a severe severe peanut allergy and thus he never eats out Chinese, Vietnamese, Thai, etc. Instead, he creates his own Asian dishes and especially loves combining sweet and salty. And heat. "I take ideas and recipes as a starting point for balance of flavor and then tweak sauce ideas etc to my liking...I am very aggressive in the sauce department...if you get the Special, you will understand!"

Jerry is pretty thrilled with the outcome of this dish and he wants to leave it on the Tinga menu. Come on down to try.

There's no need to wait until a dish is featured to try it. See the full list of participating restaurants and their specials here.
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