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More Details on Artisan House, Opening Soon

The restaurant-cafe-marketplace formerly known as Fuse, but currently going by Artisan House, is gearing up for its grand opening. If all goes well, Artisan House should be open by year's end. Headed up by Patrice Rozat (formerly, Breadbar, The Four Seasons and Mr. Chow), Artisan House plans to carry on the new wave of locally sourced menus with a California-Mediterranean bent. Housed in the huge space outfitted by Kelly Architects, Artisan House will have separate areas for a full-service restaurant, a bar, a lounge, a store of fine wines and liquor as well as a gourmet marketplace. There will be a lot going on. Hopefully it will be more Bottega Louie-meets-Joans on Third than L'epicerie-meets-Artisan Cheese Shop. Direct from the horse's mouth: "Artisan House is a place where businessmen and briefcases are at home beside bohemians and (body) art. It defines a new urban lifestyle." [EaterWire]

Artisan House

600 S. Main St., Los Angeles, CA 90014