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Short Order's Opening Menu, Barney's Beanery Changes Menu After 91 Years, MORE!

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MID-CITY— Hot off the press, this right here is the FULL SHORT ORDER OPENING MENU. Doors part tomorrow night at 5PM, expect lines, lines, and more lines. Plan accordingly. Note: Weekend brunch starts January 1. [EaterWire]

HOLLYWOOD— On November 21 Katsuya Hollywood invites in The Man himself, Mr. Katsuya Uechi, to prepare a $150 omakase dinner which includes wine/sake pairings. Seatings are avail from 6-8PM, RSVP here to attend. [EaterWire]

WEHO— Restaurant News says that Barney's Beanery in WeHo is LA's third oldest restaurant, and after 91 years of business, management has decided to switch up the 700 (!) item menu with a few fresh plates: Prosciutto & Arugula White Pizza, Tri-Tip Black Bean Chili, The Chili Sampler, and "A Tasty Mushroom Appetizer." [RN]

[Photo: Elizabeth Daniels 11/11]

Short Order

6333 W 3rd Street, Los Angeles, CA 90036 (323) 761-7970 Visit Website

Short Order

6333 West 3rd Street, Los Angeles, CA 90036